Helping your small business think BIG.



Having accurate accounting statements is the first step to a solid financial foundation. It’s equally important to delve into analyzing the numbers and understanding your bottom line.

Knowledge is power. Knowing the breakdown of your numbers helps you accurately forecast, plan and develop your business, creating greater financial success.

Having all the other pieces of the business in alignment are also key success factors – hiring the right people, marketing, operational efficiency.

How our consulting can help you and your business:

We work with many highly accomplished local dentists who are incredibly skilled in the latest dental technology. But they’re trained in dentistry, not in business management and accounting.

What we’ve seen time and time again over the last 10 years of working with dentists and other local business owners, is that they’re struggling financially.

Between the dentistry which consumes most of their day, managing staff, and completing payroll for employees, it leaves little room for anything else.

Small business owners struggle to maintain the day to day operations, so managing the finances and focus on business development falls by the way side.

These business owners need a partner. With an experienced professional like us by your side, solutions are customized to you.

We get to the heart of what your business really needs to help co-create greater financial success, stability and longevity.